MoneySkool Youth Course

Course Overview


 Who this course is for:

Here is what you get

Money Mindset 

  • Money mindset is largely influenced by past experiences around money and with this course you have the ability help your kids/teens/family start fresh and build quality habits from the start
  • Listen to the mindset and affirmations to help your kids/family reach their true potential. Choose positive self-talk and affirmations that will give you the confidence and courage to become rich. Each affirmation is a 30-minute meditation clip to help relax and affirm your way to success.

Business Basics

Capital Markets 

  • Introduction to Stocks
  • Introduction to Bonds
  • Introduction to Options
  • Introduction to Futures
  • Introduction to ForEx
  • Introduction To Crypto


Investing & Trading 

  • Legacy Strategies
  • 1 Year Strategies
  • Trading Strategies